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Making It Big & Staying Generous

Season 2 Episode 17 featuring Tribe Mafia

Tribe Mafia in front of vintage Cadillac

What would you do if you finally “made it”? If you got to go on tour in Brazil opening for a BIG artist, regularly tour around the US, and you didn’t need a day job anymore? Tribe Mafia accomplished all these things.

But this might be the best part: they experienced all this “success,” AND they still consistently make an effort to help other indie artists who are not as well known.

Chinasa Broxton and Dashawn Daniels are the two halves that make up Tribe Mafia, and they took the time to share their stories with me, so that you could learn from them now.


  • Why you might not need a manager, but someone to help you with PR instead
  • The power of hosting your own Listening Parties and building a community in your local area
  • Bonding with your fans and earning their loyalty for the long run
  • Be careful who you collaborate with
  • Choose wisely who you go on tour with 

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